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Declarer Play

By Ralph Welton

Welcome to my series of Declarer Play articles. These articles build upon each other, so I recommend that you study them in order.

No-trump contracts

It's best to learn no-trump techniques first because they apply to most trump contracts, as well.

Count winners for no trump  
Long suits
Count defensive winners
Split assumptions
Review the bidding
Read the lead
Watch discards
The dangerous opponent
The hold-up play

Trump contracts

Trumping Losers
Discarding Losers
Finessing to Reduce Losers  

Watch for more upcoming articles on trump contracts!

Ralph Welton with BuffyBridge Bears is run by a retired teacher and ACBL life master who has 35 years teaching experience and who's been playing bridge for over 50 years. I don't claim to be one of the top players, but I do understand how slowly beginners need to go when they are trying to learn how to play bridge.